4 Tips before you buying a truck/lorry/pickup ( Buy Truck / Lorry ) ( Beli Lori ) Malaysia

People are so confuse to buy which brands they want to pickup their goods.The good news for truck shoppers is that there are new tools to help break down the choices. Manufacturers provide online configurators to lead shoppers through a logical sequence of choices to narrow the field. Still, as Sowers notes, some truck shoppers want to get information face-to-face at a dealership from a knowledgeable truck sales person.
Now Here is the tips for that i recommend to all shoppers.

Your budget !
Its good to reviews your budget first to buy any brands that you want,
as you can sales person for advise
 and also in Malaysia before you buying a trucks for commercial for bank loan all you needs;-
Form B ( SSM)
Form D ( SSM )
Copy of Director I/C
6 month most recent  Bank Statement for your company(loan purpose)

Your Goods !
Categorizes your goods to light-duty , medium-duty or heavy-duty . Many of first times shoppers
made mistakes buying a over-power truck for their light goods example ; an empty plactic bottles full loaded ,carry on truck 10 feet  4 wheeler 5,000kg  . The capacity/specification  of the trucks was a waste to the goods .Shoppers advise to get some information from the sales person .

Latest Promotion/Warranty
After decide which brands to buy that not over your budgets , Check on the latest promotion discount that gives . Acknowledge to the sales person that you're becoming his future clients and looking for more truck soon or later, and also get some information about warranty. Might be lucky shoppers gets freebies . Please ask for quotation for it !

Close the deal
Meet up sales person ,  brings along your compay documents (ref : Your Budget !) that needs for loans and inspection for JPJ. For cash buyers only needs Form B , Form D & Copy of Director I/C , bring along your company stamp for authorities the deal, and booking fees RM5,000.00 for trucks and RM1,000.00 for pickups.  

Jarec Cheong