About New Fuso FJ1828R

New Fuso FJ1828R
New Fuso FJ1828R

Specification Fuso FJ1828R
Specification Fuso FJ1828R

About New Fuso FJ1828R

Benefits For Customers
Operating Cost
Superior drivetrain performance and loading capacity increase user‘s
They lower total cost of ownership, maximizing return on the user’s

Proven best-of-class technology from the FUSO and Daimler Trucks
component portfolio, produced at world-class production facility.

Wide range of applicationsthat can maximize productivity, while
providing modern comfort and safety.

Vehicles Overview
Max GVW 19,000kg
Driveline 4x2
Wheelbase  5,100mm & 6,000mm
Engine 6S20 205kW(280ps)/2,200rpm 1,100Nm(112kgfm) /1,200-1,600rpm
Transmission G131-9 9-speed 9.478-1.000 Crawler 14.57
Clutch φ395mmOrganic
Final Reduction Ratio 4.3
Cab Extended Day Cab

New 6S20 6-Cylinder, 6.4-Liter Engine
Model In-line Diesel engine with electronic engine management
Intake system Turbo charging with charge air cooler
Turbocharger Fixed geometry with waste gate
Combustion process Four stroke , Diesel direct injection
Fuel Injection system High-pressure fuel-injection system with centrally positioned injection nozzles
Cooling system Coolant recirculation cooling
Cylinder head One-piece over-all cylinders, grey cast iron
Valves 2 inlet valves and 1 exhaust valve per cylinder
No of cylinders 6
Displacement (liter) 6.374
Compression ratio 18 : 1
Electrical system 24V system
Starter motor 24V, 4 kw
Alternator 28V- 80A

Fuel tank
Capacity  265L
•Large capacity: 265L
•Lockable cap
•Protection mesh inside filler

•Longer range covered, less stops to
refill, increased uptime.
•2 levels of protection prevent fuel
from being stolen or tampered with,
ensuring vehicle readiness and

High Fuel Efficiency
Unit fuel injector and high boost pressure ensure complete burning of fuel
Turbo charger-
•Higher Boost Pressure (1.8
bar) on Turbo charger
•Ensures better combustion process
and results in higher fuel efficiency.

Exceptional Loading Capacity & Comfort
Engine brake & exhaust brake improve braking efficiency & increase driver confidence
Engine Brake
•Constant throttle
valve & Exhaust brake

•Higher (100%) engine braking performance
during downhill operation
•Cuts off fuel completely when the engine brake
is switched on, resulting in enhanced fuel and
brake efficiency
•Increased brake liner life
•Increased driver confidence in downhill
operation with load
•Avoids engine breakdown due to over-revving
•Less maintenance cost

Variable engine speed control allows easy control of Power Take Off (PTO) applications
Engine control
•Variable engine speed

•Demand-based engine speed setting
•Easy control of PTO applications

E-viscous fan reduces load on engine, improving fuel efficiency
E-viscous fan

•Intermittent operation of e-viscous
fan improves fuel economy by
disengaging the fan when engine is
operating below a preset

Cruise control reduces driver fatigue & improves fuel economy on long highway drives
Cruise control & speed limiter

•Automatic control of
the vehicle’s speed
•Limit the vehicle’s
speed at a set level

•Maintains the vehicle at set speed without
accelerator pedal input, reducing driver fatigue
on long highway drives with less traffic
•Increases fuel economy by minimizing the
throttle changes
•Helps driver avoid driving over the speed limit

Engine brake & exhaust brake improves braking efficiency
improving driver confidence
•Engine- & Exhaust brake override
•Activation switch mounted in the

•More flexibility of usage depending on
road condition
•Makes the driver more confident in
using the system manually or
automatically, depending on selected

Transmission & Clutch

Vehicle FJ (Rigid)
Transmission model Mercedes Benz
Type Mechanical
Number of gears 9-Speed
1st 9.48
2nd 6.64
3rd 4.82
4th 3.67
5th 2.59
6th 1.81
7th 1.32
8th 1.00
Crawler 14.57
Reverse 13.86
Synchronizer ring Double

•Large center distance between main and countershaft
(142mm): Room for larger, long life gears
•Double synchronizers: Quicker & smoother shifting
•Crawler gear: Improved gradeability & starting with heavy
•Large (395mm) clutch plate with 3.5mm wear, high clutch
pressure plate pressure (1,800kg): Built for heavy duty &
long service life
•Clutch wear indicator: Timely maintenance, increased

Benefits of Crawler Engine
•gearbox designed to provide power and extreme startability, which are crucial to heavy duty assignments.
•improved fuel efficiency.
• to speed up the rear-axle ratio.

Bigger diameter clutch with exclusive 15 ltr air tank makes clutch more reliable
Clutch Size
•Larger 395 mm
•Thicker lining material

•Large frictional area
•Less clutch slip
•Longer Clutch life

Clutch Operating
•Exclusive 15L air tank

•Safer operations
•Air pressure will be available for clutch
operation even in case of failure in air
charging system.

Clutch wear indicator helps preventive maintenance
Clutch Operating System
•Clutch wear indicator

•indicating clutch wear condition
•Clutch can be safely used for optimum life.
•Full utilization of lining life.
•Proactive maintenance

Flat torque curve reduces need for gear shifting while double synchrocone makes
gear shifting smoother

Gear Engagement
•Double synchrocone-

•More contact area for synchronization of
main shaft and main shaft gears
•Lesser gear shifting effort
•Faster gear shifting

Optimized for Heavier Loads and Greater Comfort
Front: Parabolic Type
Rear: Multi-Leaf Type

Front antiroll bar (stabilizer) standard on all models
•Rear antiroll bar optional on FJ Rigid (Provided for Malaysia)
•Parabolic suspension in front, for ride comfort and drivability
•Fewer lubrication points and moving parts, hence longer life
•No bell crank projecting above chassis, suitable for any type of
rear body (Rigid)
•Bolted, replaceable wear pads (Rigid)

Wider track increases vehicle stability while parabolic spring improves ride comfort
Wheel Track

•Wider front Wheel
track is 2042mm

•Better Stability
•Lesser chance of vehicle toppling on
sharp turns etc.
•Increased driver confidence

Parabolic spring

•Lesser Stiffness
•Lesser weight

•Better ride comfort
•Increased durability
•Better Life ( double life compared to semi
elliptical suspension)

Front parabolic spring and anti roll bar/stabilisers makes vehicle more stable
Front suspension
•Anti Roll Bar (ARB) / stabilisers
in front suspension and rear

•Excellent roll stability in high
•Controlled vehicle roll in
vehicles with higher C.G.
[Especially voluminous goods]

Rugged Frame Based on Proven FUSO Design
FJ Rigid
•Web height 284mm, thickness 7mm, flange
width 70mm
•Shot peened and painted for increased
surface strength and greater corrosion

Shot blasted thicker long member with higher depth increase reliability of frame
Frame – Long member
•Higher depth long member:
284 mm
•Long member thickness:
7 mm

•Chassis stiffness thus improving
stability and load bearing ability.

Frame – Long member
•Shot blasting done on long

•Increases surface strength and
ensures longer life.

Rear Axle & Brakes
Extra Rugged Long-life* Banjo-type Heavy Duty Rear Axle
•Heavy duty 440mm crown wheel (Rigid)
•Inter-wheel differential lock (Rigid)
•Differential lock buzzer

Shorter braking distance and differential lock help driver control vehicle more confidently

Braking system
•Wider front brake
•More lining thickness

•Shorter stopping distance
•Longer brake liner life

Differential lock
•Inter-wheel differential
lock as standard fitment

•Overcomes wheel spinning case one
wheel got stuck.
•Easy to operate in slushy /bogged
down condition

Differential lock buzzer
•Sound signal when interwheel differential is being

•Notifies driver that differential is
being locked, to avoid operating the
differential lock by mistake in normal

Anti-Lock Braking System
•Prevents wheels lock-up under heavy braking or
braking on slippery surfaces to maintain steering
•Allows taking evasive maneuvers while braking to
avoid colliding with an obstacle on the road

Oil Change & Hub Greasing Intervals
Longer Maintenance Intervals, Lower Costs
•Engine Oil change 25,000 km or 4 months
•Transmission oil change 50,000 km or 12 months
•Differential oil 75,000 km or 12 months
•Hub greasing change 50,000 km or 12 months

Cab Design
All Steel Safety Cab
• Crash safe, all steel cabin
• Aerodynamic cabin design
•Extended day cab (FJ Rigid)
•Cab-tilt 67˚

•All steel 3-piece bumper with full
length member behind bumper

 Cabin Interior
Wider PU foam steering wheel with tilt and telescopic steering column makes
driving pleasurable
Wider PU foam Steering Wheel
•Polyurethane (PU)

•Better grip
•Soft touch comfortable feel for
continuous driving

Steering Column
•Tilt and telescopic

•Various combination of driver friendly
steering postures
•Can accommodate drivers of different
•Fatigue free long drives

Adjustable bolstered seat with blower improves driving comfort

•Adjustable bolstered seat with
largest vertical and horizontal
•Air suspended

•Can accommodate drivers of all
•Increased driver productivity
•Reduced fatigue over long
distance drives

Blower Arrangement
•Forced air flow covers ( waist
& knee) and adjusted to suit
the requirements

•Better airflow
•Better ventilation especially
useful in rainy conditions

Low Maintenance Cost

LED lamp offers better illumination & longer service life
Cabin illumination
•LED lamp

•Improved cabin illumination
•Longer service life than incandescent
bulbs, thus saving replacement cost

Intelligent Instrument Cluster with ECO Meter indicator
The trip mileage indicator not only indicates fuel efficiency achieved
on a given trip. It also makes it simple to monitor the round trip, by
showing kilometers, miles, fuel consumed and average speed, as
well as the distance to empty indicator. Warning signals alert the
driver to the need for preventive maintenance.

Instrument cluster

•ECO Meter indicator

•Advises driver about correct gear and
speed for optimum fuel efficiency

Body Application
Short Wheelbase
•Cargo Crane
•General Cargo
•Fixed Side Cargo
•Curtain Slider
•Roll On Roll Off
•Box van

Long Wheelbase
•General Cargo
•Refridgerated box
•Fixed Side Cargo
•Curtain Slider
•Box van

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